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35 2019.12 Jinwoo Jeong, Byongj.. A Framework for Estimating Flexible Resources According to Future Korean Renewab.. International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems
34 2019.09 Heewon Shin, Jaeyeop.. Evaluating the Influence of Momentary Cessation Mode in Inverter-Based Distribut.. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
33 2019.05 Choi Namki, Byongjun.. Development of Floquet Multiplier Estimator to Determine Nonlinear Oscillatory B.. Energies
32 2019.02 Choi namki, Byongjun.. Impact of Momentary Cessation Voltage Level in Inverter-Based Resources on Incre.. Sustainability
31 2018.11 Seung chan Oh, Byong.. Transient Impact Analysis of High Renewable Energy Sources Penetration According.. Sustainability
30 2018.11 Jinwoo Jeong, Heewon.. A Countermeasure for Preventing Flexibility Deficit under High-Level Penetration.. Sustainability
29 2018.08 Hwanhee Cho, Seungc.. Non-linear dynamics based sub-synchronous resonance index by using power system .. IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution
28 2017.09 Moonsung Bae Byongj.. An Approach to Improve the Penetration of Sustainable Energy Using Optimal Trans.. SUSTAINABILITY
27 2017.09 Hwanik Lee,Byongjun .. Advanced Reactive Power Reserve Management Scheme to Enhance LVRT Capability ENERGIES
26 2016.04 Remund J. Labios,Seu.. Hybrid Multistarting GA-Tabu Search Method for the Placement of BtB Converters f.. HINDAWI PUBLISHING CORP
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