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46 2018.11 Jinwoo Jeong, Heewon.. A Countermeasure for Preventing Flexibility Deficit under High-Level Penetration.. Sustainability
45 2018.08 Hwanhee Cho, Seungc.. Non-linear dynamics based sub-synchronous resonance index by using power system .. IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution
44 2018.02 Yun Hwan Lee Byongj.. Utilizing Under Voltage Load Shedding Strategy to Prevent Delayed Voltage Recov.. Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology
43 2017.09 Moonsung Bae Byongj.. An Approach to Improve the Penetration of Sustainable Energy Using Optimal Trans.. SUSTAINABILITY
42 2017.09 Moonsung Bae ,Byongj.. Study on Efficient Calculation of Effective Reactive Power Reserves Using Sensi.. Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology
41 2017.09 Hwanik Lee,Byongjun .. Advanced Reactive Power Reserve Management Scheme to Enhance LVRT Capability ENERGIES
40 2016.04 Remund J. Labios,Seu.. Hybrid Multistarting GA-Tabu Search Method for the Placement of BtB Converters f.. HINDAWI PUBLISHING CORP
39 2015.07 YunHyuk Choi Byongju.. Coordinated Voltage-Reactive Power Control Schemes Based on PMU Measurement at A.. Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology
38 2015.07 YunHyuk Choi Byongju.. Optimal Shunt Compensation for Improving Voltage Stability and Transfer Capabili.. Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology
37 2015.04 S.Lee Byongjun Lee J.. Novel adaptive distance relay algorithm considering the operation of 154 kV SFCL.. PHYSICA C: SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND ITS APPLICATIONS
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