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Project Name : Development of load shedding scheme for improving voltage stability of

                          Seoul metropolitan area using synchro-phasor data

Research Period :  2013.06.01 - 2014.05.31.
Total Period :  2010.06.01  -  2014.05.31.

Research Objectives : Development of load control scheme for prevention of spread of a
                                      failure of the 765kV line accident with real-time 
data of Synchro 

                                      Phasor (PMU)

    Research Details :   1. Selection of optimal installation position of PMU and the 

                                            emplacement and operation

                                        2. Development of load control scheme for prevention of fault
                                            spreading of 
the 765kV line: optimal load cut-off position, the
                                            calculation of 
the minimum amount of load rejection

                                        3. Verification of performance of Smart WAMAC system using  

                                            real-time simulator on the Test-bed.


ERC(Energy Research Center) Project

Project Name : Wind Energy Grid Adaptive Technology
Research Period : 2013.09.01. - 2014.08.31.

Research Objects : Efficient reactive power and voltage control method of individual 

                                 wind turbines  for POI voltage control of the wind power system

   Research Details :     1. Research of efficient reactive power control of wind power 

                                              plant  by detailed modelling of individual wind turbine 

                        2. Implementation of reactive power and voltage control
                            algorithm in 
consideration of the Configuration of wind power

                        3. Verification of voltage control at the point of interconnection
                            to grid
 through the strategic control of individual wind turbine 


NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea)

Research Name : Development of hybrid control techniques for maximizing the energy 

                              utilization of wind energy connected with the future grid

Research Period :  2013.05.01 - 2014.04.30.

Research Objects : Development of an automated hybrid control system for stable 

                                 operation of large-scale wind power plant connected to the future

    Research Details :  1. System analysis technology of a large-scale wind power plant 

                                           : Securement of power system analysis technology for stable
 connection of large scale wind power plant

                                       2. Development technology of an automated hybrid control
                                           system for 
stable connection of large-scale wind power grid

                                       3. Grid connection capacity reinforcement for large-scale wind
                                          power plant through the development of an automated hybrid
                                           control system.